JKK Foundation team on full swing during the sessions of "Youth Empowerment through Career Counselling and Motivation" at Mahottari and Dhanusa.

JKK Foundation team on full swing during the sessions of

JKK Foundation has stepped on to the  implementation of the project Youth Empowerment through Career Counselling and Motivation, Supported by Nepal National Commission for UNESCO. The initial phase of implementation started with the establishment of a resource centre at Foundation's premises, session curriculum development, leaflet, brochures and training material. The field session began with the Career Counselling and Motivational sessions at Mahottari and Dhanusa districts in the Central Development Region.

Altogether 13 schools were covered during the sessions. Secondary students from class eight to ten were selected for the program. This selection is based on the exit points existing in secondary school level  in the prevalent academic system from where Career Streaming begins for the students.

The sessions mainly focused on providing Career information and Counselling and Motivation. Career Information and counseling is observed to have made impact upon the identification of one's own interest and the career pursuit and Motivational sessions were delivered by the founder along with few other guests who used various visual and audio tools along with the motivational stories to enhance the  drive in the students to pursue the dream.

The project will now head on to the field sessions in other regions in the nation.  Further, this project will cover a large number of beneficiaries including students, parents, teachers and college administrators.


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